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Priority 3: Building eftective boards amidst the changing Priority 4: Protecting minority shareholder rights, promoted by
boundaries ol governance, promoted by the ICGN Board the ICGN Sharehoider Rights Committee (SHRIGJ, co-chaired by
Governance Committee (BGC), co—chaired by Catherine Bram Hendriks and Eugenia Jackson

Jackson and Caroia van Larnoen.

i i . ‘i V
5% 3%.?‘ '
SHRIG seeks to protect minority shareholder rights to ensure

The BGC focuses on the ouaiity of the board of directors that investors are properiy equipped to discharge their fiduciary
as the primary oversight body responsibie for driving duties. This extends to the equitabie treatment of sharehoiders
iong—term corporate vaiue. Refiecting the expanding and advocating against differentiai share ownership structures,
boundaries of corporate governance, boards are accountabie voting rights and cross border voting infrastructure, company

to sharehoiders whiie baiancing the interests of reievant engagement and investor coiiaboration.

stakehoiders in generating weaith for society as a whole

The committee's priorities inciude board coniposition, Key °‘"pms hcmde:

rernuneration, capitai aiiocation, independence and oversight . Vewpoim on me indusim of nmwming of limned vofing

of risk management shares in flock mafia‘ hdbes’ (November, .2018»

K” °”“’"‘5 i“°'”“°‘ o Comment letters on dual aim share structures to index

0 Viewpoint on eflective board succession planning p'°Vide's: “SE H”§°" up Dm” "mes am‘ Msm “ we.

(May, 2018) as to national regulators including Hong Kong Exchanga
and Clearing Limited, Singapore Exchange Limited and the
0 Comment letters on corporate governance codes to UK Financial Conduct Authority.
Bursa Malaysia Securities, AFEPIMEDEF in France,
Japan Exchange Group, Japan Ministry ol Justice, the ° c°"'mem 'e“e'sW‘
Monetary Authority ol Singapore and the UK Financial 0 US. Securities and Bmhanse Commission: Famed
nepgnjng cguncii, artxtration provisions in public company governing
0 Comment letter to-the Financial Stability Board on 0 UK Taksova Panel: smflemems of Imemion
supplementary guidance to the l=SB principles and and Relmed Maners
standards on sound compensation practices.
0 Dutch Govemment: Proposed changfi to the Dutch Anti-

BGC Cornniittee Members: Pru Bennett (Biackrock), Nicoie takeover Bin

Bradford (Cbus), Francesco Chiappetta (Pireiii), Andrew 0 pmxy Vomg Review Cammmee an Beg‘ pramioe pnnolples
cieariieid (investment initiatives), Gigi Dawe (CPA Canada), _ _ _
Margaret Fdrari (Prudentiai Firiariciai, iric ), Lirida Giuiiario ° Eumpea" °°'“'T"5‘°"°" 7" '""'"“‘"' '°q”"°"‘°"‘5 '" ‘he

transmission of inlormation lorthe exercise of shareholder

(AB), Natacha Dirnitriievic (Herrnes), Catherine Jackson

(Jackson Priricipied Governance), Oscar Jasaui (Paciiic ”9'“5

Credit Rating), Karina Litvack (Em). Stiipori Nestor (Nestor SHRiG Committee Members: Rierits Abma (Eumedion), ciaire
Advisors), Debra Perry (Korn Ferry lnternationai), Joei Posters CO,,.,ey(CO,.,,pme,S(.,a,e Ltd)’ Em COWpe,_Sm,m (Omem Andma
(Future Fund), David siiverriiari (Biue Harbour Group), Geof d, 399”, ysodamv Tom Ewen (Gama, G,,,up,V game” E,,,Cm,an
Stapiedon (BHP Biiiiton), Pierina viiianueva (Adidas Group), (C099), B,am Hand,“ (K-[Mm M,c(.,ae( He,SkOV,d, (BNP paflbas
Caroia van Lanioeri (Robeco), Rebecca Vine (Aviva investors). AM)‘ Eugema Jackson (A((,a,,Z)V A(eXa,.,de,JuSChUS (fOm.,e,(y

Giass Lewis iVO>Q, Gwen Le Berre (Charies Schwab), Arne Loow
(AP4 F)arde AP-Fonden), Massimo Menchini (Assogestioni), Paui
Schneider (Ontario Teachers Pension Pian), David Smith (Aberdeen
Standard investments), Peter Swabey (ICSAJ

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