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Priority 1: Long-terrn investment perspectives and Priority 2: Making successtul stewardship a reality, promoted

sustainable value creation, promoted by the iCGN Ethics 8. by the ICGN Sharehoider Responsibilities Committee (SHREC),

Systemic Risk Committee (ESRC), chaired by Peter Montagnon Co-chaired by Nieis Lemmers and Terri-Jo Saareia

ESRC focuses on business
ethics from a corporate
fir ., governance perspective and
“‘ ‘ . addresses systemic threats
V ‘ that might undermine the
§ 1" _ preservation and enhancement .
g of iong-term corporate vaiue,
$3‘ impacting on capitai market
stabiiity and economic growth 
Core committee priorities

inciude corporate purpose and accountability, cuiture and SHREC advocates high standards of investor governance

integrity, anti-corruption practices, regulatory and tiscai poiicies, and stewardship responsibiiities and supports ICGN Giobai

technoiogicai disruption, environmentai damage and sociai risks Stewardship Principies and ICGN Modei Mandate, both of which

prompted by issues such as weaith ineciuaiity. have inspired changes to regulation in markets around the world

Key outputs include: °’‘’ 7 — Key outputs include:

0 Revised ICGN Political Lobbying and  0 NEW ICGN Investor Fiduciary Duty Guidance highlights

Donations Guidance (July, 2017) the importance of maintaining consistency between
investors’ governance practices and investors’ fiduciary
° Viewpoint on investment eXC'USi°n= ‘ responsibilities (subiect to 2018 AGM Approval).
(February, 201 B)

0 Comment letter to European Commission on institutional

0 Chapter on climate change and corporate governance invesmrs and asse‘ managers. dmi” regarding

in an American Bar Association book on climate change susqainability, tollowing the report ot the High Level
dis°'°s”'e Expert Group on Sustainable Finance which cited

ESRC Committee Members Meisa Ararat (Sabanci University), Ice" G"°ba' suwamship P'i"°ip'e5 W page 40' “"de'

Mirza Balg (Aviva investors), Fabio Blai’lCOi’li (Sodaii), Lauren "e°°"‘"‘°”da'i°“ 7 °“ 5'°"e"‘3"°° L°‘d°'5hiP'

Compere (Boston Common Asset Management), Deborah . Commem leners on inveswr stewardship to Eumedion

Giishan (Aberdeen Standard investments), Karin Haiiiday (Nemerlands) and the council 0' Expens hr Japaws

(AMP Capitai investors), Dana Holiinger (CaiPERS), John Jarrett swwamship Code‘

(FFSE Russeil), Nokuthuia Khumaio (iransnet Soc),

Dan Konigsburg (Deioitte), Peter Montagnon (Institute of SHREC Committee Members Mick Chadwick (Aviva

Business Ethics) Annachiara Sveito iUBI Banca) Investments), Stephen Davis (Harvard Law School), Charles
Demouiin (Deminor), Shade Duiiy (AXA IM), Anne-Marie Jourdan
(Fonds de Reserve), Tetsuo Kitagawa (Aoyama Gakuin University),
Cedric Laveri (iSS), Nieis Lemmers (\/EB — Dutch Sharehoiders
Association), Charles Macek (\/icinity Centres), Rizal Mohamed Ali
(KWAP), Terri Jo Saarela (State of Wisconsin investment Board),
Alison Schneider (Aiberla Investment Management), Tracy Stewart
(SBA Florida), Ryoko Ueda (J-IRIS Research), Michael Viehs
(Hermes Investment), Noah Wortman (NRW Consulting), Diimmer
Yetsenga (Syntrus Achmea AM).


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