Page 5 - ICGN Annual Review 2017 - 2018
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Strategic Goals
Influence Grow
1. Promote ICGN Principles as investor-led global 5. Build the strength and breadth of lCGN
standards for corporate governance and investor membership, recognising our heritage of being
stewardship, thereby influencing public policy and investor-led, whilst inclusive to companies and
professional practice. stakeholders.
Connect Sustain
2. Organise high-quality global forums with unrivalled 6. Safeguard |CGN’s long-term sustainability
opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing through the appropriate management of risk,
and collaboration. while investing in opportunities for growth under
strong managerial leadership and effective board
3. Encourage high standards of corporate
governance and investor stewardship practice
through professional development support and
Communicate O
4. Raise ICGN visibility globally through
enhanced communication,
media engagement and
stakeholder relations.
recommend ICGN
MEMBERSHIP to others
@ 9 5 % & 9 l %
believe ICGN satisfied ICG N
INSPIRES global membership IS good
governance reform VALUE
’Results from lCGN Annual Membership Survey (March 2013),
noting 1A% response from overall membershlp

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