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St engthening Our Mission

This year, we have spent time reflecting on lCGN's long-term direction and the ICGN Board
ratified six strategic goals put forward by the Chief Executive. These strategic goals present

a roadmap to strengthening our mission: to promote high standards of professional practice
among companies and investors alike in their pursuit of long-term value creation contributing
to sustainable economies world—wide.

Tlie strategic goals focus on our work programme priorities to in conclusion we vvould like to tliank our many r'osts. partners and
inrluence puplic policy. connect peers and inrorm nign standards sponsors Wl‘0 supported ICON conferences in Kuala LLi‘l'lpLi‘r,

or corporate governance and investor stewardsiiip practices. Tiie Paris and Tokyo ot.r events provide a social netvvork tor icoN
goals extend to ensuring tiie long terni stistaiiiapility of tire lCON Members and otners to reacotiaint. take stock and consider

itselr witii a rocus on external coniniuiiicatioii. nienipersliip growtli dirtering perspectives on emerging governance lSSt»eS Ultimately
and tire proper resottrclllg of tlie secretariat to enstire  are aole we all snare a coninioii purpose to preserve and enliance

to deliver an extensive international work programme. long term corporate valtie for tire oenetit of society as a vvnole.
ICON is a leading autiiority on global standards of corporate Today otir investor niempers represent assets under management
goverllalloe and investor stewardsiiip and our policy positions are in excess or uss34trillion Togetlier. vve can be a tormidaple force
rerlected in new regt.iatlor's in multiple markets: niost liotably in for ciiaiige as evidenced in tlie otitputs in tiiis Review and as

tne anieiidnients to tire siiareiiolder Fllgrts Directive in Europe supported by you ICON Mempers Tnank you for your inspiration
and tire revised stevvardsnip Code in Japalr. Tiiis past year  and determination to brlllg about positive cliange in many

also issued over two dozer‘ corrlrrlelrt letters to regulators lll Corlrers of tile World tllrot.tgr' your active pilrtlclpfltloll in our work
canada. Frarloe. l-lorlg kong Japar‘ Malaysia. Netiierlands. prograninie we look rorvvard to working togetller vvitn yot. all for
Singapore. UK and USA as well as tiie Etropean ooniniissioii aiiotiier year aliead.

arid Flr'arlclal Standards Board.

Colllg forward. we aim to eiiliaiice our intellectual capacity to ”

promote Mgr‘ standards of corporate governance and investor We 8” Share 8 Common
stewatrdsrlp arotiid tie world by iiivestiiio iii l'l.ll'l£‘tll resources purpose; to preserve and

at tlie secretariat Tliis extends to polstering our educational

 to ieip support lCQN  pttt prlllulples its enhance /ong—term corporate
practice and tire delivery of new initiatives sucii as tlie lCON ' '
       value for the benefit of society
Lolidolr tliis year as 8 Who/e ”

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R ’ - \
.7 Mike Mccauley Kerrie Waring
Chair CEO

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