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Strategic Goal 6: Safeguard lCGN’s long—term sustainability through the
appropriate management of risk, while investing in opportunities for growth
under strong managerial leadership and effective board oversight.
Board of Governors
riie icon Beard directs iiie affairs er the iccn ilirougli iiie oversight er the ciiier Executive orrieerwiie rriariages iiie lCCiN seereiariai and work
prograrrlrrle. Up to twelve beard rrieiribers are eieded by iccn l\/lerribers annually and comprise a rrraierirv er iriveslors.
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.‘ Ii
I1 '7' 1
Melsa Ararat Ian Burger David Couldridge Dana Hollinger George lguchi Anne»Marie Jourdan
Sabanci University. Newton lnveslment Inveslec. Ca|PEFlS, Nissay AM, FRR.
Turkey Management. UK South Airiea USA Japan France
. iJ‘.""’ -. r
_ _, _' ~94.
Claudia Kruse Mike Mccauley Anne Molyneux Paul Schneider Gieof Stapledon Robert Walker
APG. Florida SBA, cs International, OTPP, BHP Billilon, NEI IM.
Netherlands USA (Chair) Switzerland (Vice-Chair) canada UK canada

Operating Committees

Awards: Recoirirrierids carididates for the finance: Oversees ICGN ririaiicial lepofllllg, iriterrial

ICGN Goverriarice Awards ie iiie lCGN coritrols, risk rriariagerrierrt and auditor berrerrriarrae,

Board presented at the lCGN Aririual rerridrieraneri and irideperiderice chaired by

Coriiererice. chaired by Peter Butler and Robert Walker and lvierribers are Fliilip Arrristrorigi i

lvlerribers are Pru Beririettr Melsa Ararat, lari Berger George lguclil and Anne Molvrieux -

Aririe Slieeliari and Christian Streriger , 

Gwemanoe: Develops and iiriplerrieiits souiid '

Byiaws and Procedures: Advises ori lC<3N governance pulicies arid practices relating to CEO

coiistitutiorial docurrieiits, AGM procedures appoiritirierii, perioririarice and reiriuiieratiuii,

arid board/corrirriittee cliarters arid terrris oi successiori plariiiirig. beard coiripositioii arid

reference chaired by Simon Osborne and evaluation Chaired by Roherl Walker and Members

lvlerribers are David Couldridgei Judith Fox, are Michael Mecavien Aririe l\/lolyrieuxr GeoiStapleduri.

Carol Harisell, Jon Lukorririik and Loren

Wurfsom Nomlnaflon: Recoriirrieiids board governor

candidates to lCGN l\/lerribers rer aririual eieeiienr
reeieeiierr. The corrirriittee rrierribers iirernaervea /
are elected llldlvldually at AGM. chaired by Carol
Hansell and Members are Frank Curtiss, l\/liclielle
Edkiris, Marcel Jeuckeri, Yosliiko Takayarvia

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