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Endorsing @ W ICGN Yearbook
ICGN P‘ ' I  2017 
rincip es WM
. Yer ,.",.’J

Ti1e|CGN Giobai Stewardship SGN Giobai Hrstpubiishediri 2005i tfie|CGN 29:9“ R

Principies (GSP), rirst pubiished P ieWardSh[p Vearbeek is an exclusive Member

in 2003‘ provide an internationai rmmpres benefit it provides a memento oi

framework for investors to Qevemame developments Over  ‘
inipiernent tneir fiduciary the years and serves as a point oi i M   “ 
obiigations on beiiait of ciients reference on topical issues ottfie 5;‘ iii“  V ,m_.i§$i{iiii{’*
and benericiaries. Trie Principies day Anicies in the 2017 edition ‘ '‘iiIi:i‘iy"  ‘ ‘j' ' ' . , - -
have been emuiated in markets inoiuded "ll'l'l'lIllI‘l E .'.' '.' _'_‘ 
around the woridi and over 80 . ABM _ H .

ICGN Members nave signified W Mepnn S” I Fr

their commitment to high standards of investor D O S :9 ::nra“:z‘"he OECD

stewardship by pubiiciv endorsing the GSP on the ICGN website: epmy ecre W em 0

0 The Complex Business al Risk from Aengus Collins,
Abemee” S“"”da’°' F°”d5 de Resewe P°“’ ‘es Praclice Lead for Global Risks anriewonci Economic
Irivestnients Retraites F

Aiberta investment Generaii investments Europe

Managemei" 0003- WMC0) Hermes investment 0 ASEAN Govemanoe: A progress Reporl lrom Riva Benoy
AilianceBernstein Management Bushon, Slralegic Adviser to Green & Smart Holdings plc,
Amend‘ Asset Mafiagemeryt HESTA Regulatory Alfairs/Trade Adviser for the Chemical Industry

l Malaysia
AP1, Forsta AP-tonden JP Morgan Asset °
Managenient . .
AP2 Andra AP»fonden o The case lor lhe Chlel Value Officer from Judge Professor
AP3 -Heme Apmnden Legai & General Investment Melvyn King
Asset Management One Co‘ Ltd
Newton investment

ATP Management

AWE Investors N‘55aV A559‘ Ma”a99me"‘ Rob Fowler, Executive‘ investment Executioni

AXA ifiveeimem Mafiageie NN investment Partners HESTAV Ausiraiia

Baiilie Gifford & Co Nerdea Funds

Biaemock Old Mum” Wesmem Group "Wire lL.‘Gii/ L:ii_ii.ii:ii f:.?i‘eii'iur'i,/.::itii/,.i F’rii'ic:i/Jiies stat oi,/i‘
Ewen common A556‘ Omano Teachers, Pensm Pm /Jrgicrticrrziii, irii/,:Jeriierit;iL.iie t_]uii,1eiirie.':: iri i"t:‘J{tt'/U/7 to
Management Pensm Fund Assommn i’i’i“i't:‘:}fU/ .'::teii;xr1i.::tii/J oiLii’ig;itic7ri:;, ,:i.,ii’ic:ie:: iziriti
Caiitornia Public Empioyees' Robeco /,>roc:e';::;e:; Ttiev /'t:‘i’Yiiii‘i’i iziri irri,:iari‘i:irit c:.,iritiit_ii/tiori
Rememem swam Schroders to e~terii,1‘irig :;rroriJ :?7t:“i‘lEiI’£i:;‘i’ii‘,’,i /,>r:ii,:tii,:e::

:a“f”’”“‘ S‘S‘“e T9a°he'S' S J N K r:ii,:io.:::: tiie iriveittrrierit ‘Vii/L/t:’ Critii/i’i. Tiiis L.ieriefitI;:

etirement ystem onipo apan ipoon oa I ,
iurit —t' rni ~'.,iL.;‘i i’/i\i’..S‘iJ/'S iii :9 HE:-ET-'\. aria’ t’i'
Cartica Management, LLC A559‘ M“”a99”'em ’ J /E M V I E K v _‘ L I C‘
SW9 Board or Adm‘m5‘,am,, ,.i'5‘i’i‘€-‘ /i,?i’£1//':‘S iie re/,ire:;eri .
oi Florida (SBA)
Deutscne Asset Management
Swedbank Robur Ponder AB
Etlios Foundation Switzerland UB8 Asset Management

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