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Strategic Goal 3: Encourage high standards ESG, Course, hosted by
of corporate governance and investor AXA lnvestmem Mama ers
stewardship practice through professional g ’
development support and dialogue. Fran Ce
We were pleased to be
INVESTMENT h t d b AXAI st ent
 Governance Awards  MANAGERS MD:_:ger:in Pa":/E: m
The lCGN Corporate Governance Awards are presented annually I I Decfember 2017 ‘D dew” 0”’
to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievements ll’l E39 ‘'a'"‘”9 p'°gfamme7°""Ve5t°'5 F°“°""'”9 3” awamwom me
corporate governance. In 2017, the ICGN was pleased to award two European gommmon ‘” 2011' me ‘CGN ‘megramn ESG Programme
lndlvlduals with the lCGN Lifetime Achievement Award: '5 ‘"9 Wm“ 5 W ‘”'P9"°" P'°9'am”‘9 '°’ ‘”Ve5‘°" °” “°‘” ‘°
identify, analyse and integrate ESG factors across the investment
chain Developed ‘by investors: for investors’: over 300 people have
,, . 2 r _ participated in courses delivered across nine iurisdictions
L% Topics inehide:

Jamie Allen. Founding Secretary ‘ riiloi‘ _ 9
General: Asian Corporate Governance M“ "N" ' 556' 3“3'V5i5 3'“ °°"P°"a‘e V3'“3’i°“
ASSomEmOn' Hong Kong in... ’ g - Integrating ESG intothe investment process

“If  51 pnir/lege to Lie honor,//ed Liv ICG/\.l vi /fh it _ Strategies ofstewardshipand engagemem

L/felmie /-\t:/1/evemerrf,-ilii £t."tI1, We ,’)£i.’:?f l 5' vegi/'::

have been rat /evi £1/Ur’r’l\_] time to he i‘/l‘v0r’t’t:‘d l/l ' M“'“’9i“9 P'°"V "°'i"‘9 3"‘ “'9 “°°°"““b“"V °h3i“

the pmriicif/or’) of better t:0/prvaife gave/1'rair7t:e

Ill ,-5\'::/1:1, yet there /1:!/V7451!/7:3 /HUG/1 to .10. /‘:1/n sure .

the ICG/\.l Avi it/If Vt /ll /h'::/we ,—'\CG,-'\ to greater  Academic Dal’

heri_]ht':: (/7 the t::orn/'hg M r; dec:git,1es.l" |r] partflersh |p W|th

the U niversity of Malaya
"" ' F1 ii" . UNIVERSITY ;m:::l::r::;::::
_ _ . 6 Day held prior to the Annual

Amta 5k'pper' Se”‘°'A"a‘V5" ‘ 2' u-u=----« Conference ll’l Malaysia ICGN
Comorate Governance‘  i r, has established the tradition of Academic Days to build bridges and
A‘/Na ‘nvestom UK 'A 3 understanding between academics and practmoners with an interest

W ‘,3 E1 pm,HiegE and _m‘,,/)H_,;e to be g‘,\,E” ms ll'l corporate governance This year sessions delved into the following

gm it/C/. There (ire huge new r:h;i//ehges for Corporate govemance toms‘

gore/hzihce on the horizon but /‘m c‘._r.ri/'id‘e.'if the ~ Gender diversity on boards led by Professor Renee Adams,

IDGN L1!‘/i’ guide fl/{L//e ge/ie/arions of §/t’)\’t:‘/Nit/lCt:‘ PIN‘-‘V9550’ Of fiflafloer University of New Soulh Wales.

pr.;rr'e.::s/c;r7; to deal Vt irh these like they helped ‘“‘’"'“3‘ ‘‘'-5“'“‘‘" 5i‘‘°'‘’'

3} 7'9 0/‘ 1/ l-'-’77€‘-’''—7 W9 /7791“ ~ Share repurchases and oorpoiaie control in Japan led by

Proiessr Hideaki Miyaiima Director at Waseda Institute tor
Advanced Study Waseda University: “Share Repurchases &
Control at the Corpoiation: The Evidence from Japan"
~ State ownership and corpoiate govemance in Malaysia led by
Professor Dr Terence Gomez, University of Malaya, Malaysia:
“Minister of finance Incorporated: Ownership and Control at
0 Corporate Malaysia“

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