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ICGN Annual Conference: ICGN Paris Conference, hosted
Malaysia, hosted by K\NAP in by Paris EUROPLACE,

premier partnership with MSWG, 6-7 December 2017

1 1 -13 ‘July 201 7 Over 300 people from 25+ regions

convened for our December Paris
A  A "W V A R ' 5 Conference which began with
W  J    an Opening Keynote from Angel
Gurria, Secretary-General of the
OECD Agenda topics included strategies for sustainable finance,
We were delighted to be hosted by one of the largest pension
I I stakeholder engagement in corporate governance, incentives

mnds m Mam/5'3 for our Annual Conference Mm the Kumpulan across the investment chain enhancing the quality of investor
Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) [KWAP] in premier partnership Smwardsmp Carbon risk cgdosure and Amde 173

with the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG). Under ' '

the theme of ‘redefining capitalism for a sustainable global Over 60 speakers ioined the two-day programme including
economy‘. over 450 senior capital market professionals from 28 Olivier Rousseau (Executive Director, Fonds de Reserve Pour Les
countries discussed governance priorities in maior Asian markets Retraites), Judith Hartmann (CFO, ENG|E), Fabienne Lecorvaisier
Th m d d f t d 80 K ‘ d. _D t V (Executive VP, Air Liouide), Ossian Ekdahl (ChiefActive Ownership

9 '99 av 399" 3 ea “'9 We’ Spea 9'5 ‘”°“ ,'"9' 3° Officer, AP1), Robert Leblanc (Chairman &CEO, Aon) and

Wan Kamamzaman Wan Ahmad (CEO KWAP)‘ Tan 8" Dam‘ Caroline de la Marnierre (Director General institute of Responsible
Azman Mokhtar (CEO, Khazanah Nasional Bhd), Sau Kwan Capmism) '

(President, E-Fund), Daisuke Hamaguchi (ClO, Pension Fund

Association), Professor Eunice Kim (Independent Director, KB

Financial), Orig Boon Hwee (CEO, Stewardship Asia) and

Yoshio ltaya (CFO, Chugai Pharma).

|CGN—||RC Tokyo Conference,
hosted by the JICPA & TSE,
Launch of the ICGN Global 28 February _ 1 March 2018
Governance Pnnciples,  .
Jointly hosted by the
   N Japanese lnstitute
of Certified Public
1 8   7 N Accountants (JlCPA)
The Japan Exchange Group (JPX) hosted the J  :‘°'hm9 T°kVgES‘:k
launch of the Japanese version of the lCGN J   mmmuumu mm angfetrfr )‘ [9
I Global Governance Principles The timing V eme Qt 9 egg? was
coincided with regulatory dialogue with the INTEGRAYED REPOWING <|R> t‘Dume“/ owar [3 °‘ngTir
J  FSA and TSE around issues such as capital temdva U9 CV9: ‘in Z
nxwlvluinnuun allocation, CEO nomination and succession on CO 0 ate 0 9 name and n esto :1: :ycl::en’E:DD::e
and the effectiveness ofindependent d rift 9  d‘ t ‘ V r ‘W r‘ ‘P J r
 i   ::,.:i i:°:;::,“,: i:".:;,:::::,:::r:;:“:i:; 
x , v r l iv w l , I r

Over 150 delegates attended the morning event, where lCGN‘s VEPOVWTQ and Capllal emCl9|'7C‘/

CEO, Kerrie Waring was ioined by ICGN Board Vice Chair Anne OV 400 I I d [h H h if k I d
Molyneux, Professor Tetsuo Kitagawa of Aoyama University and Ma:;m Chpiooaj ‘(E26 t ::!::a OG::; afrgégsg :::‘;::o mg
‘CGN Japan-based Board Member' George much" K n o Ito (Fl tots basfiutjn e s‘ty)WH toshrOch (P e)s‘dent 8. r

ui iuiivri,iiiri
CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), Takaaki Nishii (President
& CEO, Aiinomoto Co ), Susanne Storrner (Chief Sustainability
Officer, Novo NOI'dlSK] and Osamu Nagayama (CEO, Chugai
Pharmaceutical & Chairman, SONY).

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