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Strategic Goal 2: Organise high-quality global forums with unrivalled opportunities

for networking, knowledge—sharing and collaboration.

One of |CGN's core obiectives is to connect like»minded people from around the world who share a common interest in promoting high
standards of corporate governance and responsible investment practices. Over the previous year we have convened conferences in Kuala
Lumpur, Paris and Tokyo and held regular meetings for two influential global networks established by lCGN

Global Network of Investor Associations (GN IA)

ln 2U13,thelCGN .
 established the GNlA as an 4
1, ‘_ international collaboration arnea
ti ‘ ’ 3  V _ of investor-led organisations E -'37-“€535-7'3-—'“’"
 ; E .   ‘, with acommon interest
' i *‘»-3-I—«.< rights and responsibilities 4 T ,.,y,,.(.,,_.,.,_,.,,,,,.,, ‘
 and effective standards
of corporate governance
Chaired by Mauro Cunha of  K

AMEC alongside lCGN‘s CEO, keme weririg, GNIA meets l L/‘ U 
monthly to share knowledge on policy priorities. Members

are drawn from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, ltaly,

Malaysia, Netherlands, UK and the USA.

Global Stewardship Code Network (GSCN)

To rielp Members of the Global Stewardship Code Developers Network
I responsible for
“‘ developing and Denmark Japan
- implementing Europe Malaysia
ll   ZTl‘:°g:f:
' > ' Codes ‘O Canada Switzerland Tzgwan
eX°““‘”9e United States Brazil United Kingdom keiiya Thailand
.5 _ information.

established the GSCN in June 2016. ‘ ‘ ___ _

Members participate in quarterly calls r

chaired by Chris Hodge which has

featured presentations from:

Eumedion (Netherlands), Financial

Services Agency (Japan), Securities

& Exchange Commission flhailand], ‘E _
Firiarieiei Reporting couricii (UK) and x-‘"1
the CRlSA Coniniittee (South Africa) ' ‘

_ V
South Africa Hong Kong

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