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Sap Qorigirzg fore r; J€.i3a.”I
ICGN has played an rrnportant role rn the evolutron of governance refornr rn Japan for deoades. We have engaged wrtn regulatory
authormes, pamoularly me Frnanolal servroes Agency lFSA). Mrrnstry ror Eoononno Trade and lndustry (MEN) and me Tokyo Stock
Exchange USE) tnrougn rneetlngs and comment letters. More recently tlns rs eyroenoeo by the oamorpatrorr or lCGN‘s CEO, Kerne
Wanng, as a Member of the Expert Counorl establrsned to advrse on Japan‘s Stewardslnp and Corporate Governance Codes. as well as
parnoroatrorr by |CGN's Board Dlrector, George Iguchr. on me FSA‘s counorl on Corporate Dlsclosure.
We are proud or our long—stanorng relatlonshlp wrtn me the FSA. MEN and me TSE wno have ‘C’ “ —‘
conrnntted to suppomng |CGN's rrnssron to share knowledge around oorporate governance and  . \
mvestor stewardslnp best oraotroes rn Japan. Tne TSE hosted |CGN's 2001 Annual conrerenoe ‘
rn Tokyo and thereafter reglonal rneetlngs n 2014 and 2018 Next year. TSE yyrll host the '- , /
ICGN Annual conrerenoe wnron yyrll attract the worlds global governanoe commuruty to ' ’ ' \
Tokyo once agarn . r r W '2
. ’ , 1 L '
I E "The participation by lCGN's CEO, Kerrie Waring. . ‘ .
IA  as a Member of the Council of Experts of the ‘, ~~
Financial smim Agzncy Stewardship Code provided valuable insight to ‘ I , V _ V
the revision of Japan ‘s Stewardship Code in ‘ . — ;
207 7. particularly regarding independent oversight, conflicts of interest  ' ‘ r
and collective engagement, She also participated in the Council of ‘ ‘ ,
Experts for the Follow-up of the Stewardship Code and the Corporate .
Governance Code, and contributed to the revision of the Corporate ‘ ;
Governance Code and formulation of the Guidelines for lnvestor , 3
and Company Engagement. Her guidance on CEO selection as well _ I
as the role of independent directors. nomination committees and I '
remuneration committees, was particularlyappreciated," . t
V I /, / l
. .7 r
a ,‘ _:.:;r<—<   V r’
I  . "lCGN's CEO. Kerrie Waring. provided
,  I ~.; a valuable international perspective on 6 MET|
5 315‘ board diversity when she presented at the 4th
“ ‘ ' meeting of the "Study Group for ldeal Approaches to Diversity /vlanagement as a
. ; Competitive Strategy". Her presentation contributed to the "Diversity 2.0 Action Guidelines" which
r J , / contains actions that companies should take to incorporate diversity into their organisations,
\ .' 3 lCGN's international conferences. in particular those in Japan, contributed to raising awareness
/' concerning corporate governance agenda setting among Japanese companies as well as
“ I I 1 ‘ investor communities, Recognising such contributions and effects. the Government of Japan
,, formally supports and is sincerely appreciative of lCGN efforts. METl hopes for
‘ @ continued collaboration with lCGl\l in the future, "

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